More and more businesses and freelancers are discovering the benefits of remote working. From reduced overhead costs to greater time flexibility, there are multiple benefits to ditching a permanent office space and working remotely.

Below we offer 3 top tips to ensure your transition into remote work is smooth…

1. Face to face time with clients is still important

From flexible working hours to reduced service costs, as a remote worker, you have a lot to offer your clients. It is, however, important to remember that some clients may still want to meet you in person, or have regular face-to-face meetings, in order to feel like their needs are being truly met. Hiring small meeting rooms Birmingham based to meet clients is an effective way to retain your remote status whilst meeting client needs.

2. Separate your work and home life

Many new remote workers find it hard to separate their work and home lives, particularly if they work from a home office. To prevent this, switch off your work email notifications during your time off, to prevent the temptation to head back to work, or even buy a separate work phone and leave it in your office when you’re not supposed to be working. Taking a short walk before and after you begin working can also help mimic a commute and help you switch into either a work or home mindset.

3. Communicate with your team

If you manage a team of remote workers, it is important to communicate with them as much as possible to ensure they don’t feel neglected whilst out of an office environment. Exchange regular emails and hold physical meetings every month or so to ensure everyone on your team has a clear idea of your company goals and is happy working remotely. In terms of meeting venues, Birmingham has a lot to offer and these venues can be rented flexibly to suit your team’s needs.

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