Workshops are a fantastic way to develop skills in your workforce. And investing in professional and personal development will benefit your business by boosting productivity and creativity. So if you’re looking for meeting rooms in Birmingham, we’ve got all the space you need for your next workshop event – and we’ve even put together these six exciting ideas to encourage networking and teambuilding.

1. Company culture workshop

Need to onboard new employees or talk about diversity and inclusion? Then a company culture workshop is an engaging and interactive way to present your company values. Generating discussion in a relaxed workshop setting is a great way to build a healthy business culture that helps you achieve your goals as a team.

Conversation topics and fun quiz components can reinforce your positive messages. Or try a vision board activity where you encourage participants to think about how they’ll achieve their dreams and aspirations within your company culture. Providing a forum for feedback can help your employees embody your values daily.

2. Branding and marketing workshop

Your entire team has a part to play in developing your brand, so get them involved with a workshop. For example, try bringing in a marketing expert to help your teams visualise how they fit into your branding strategy. Alternatively, use an online workshop packed with engaging videos and activities.

Try a storytelling workshop as a way for your staff to tell your brand’s story. It’s a unique way of enhancing performance and building team skills ideal for sales and marketing.

3. Comedy workshop

Working with a professional stand-up is a unique take on teambuilding and skills development. And it’s an ideal way to get your team thinking creatively and innovatively about problem-solving.

You could discuss why certain jokes work and then work in teams to create your own stand-up routine. Nothing succeeds like comedy if you want to bring your workforce together and find fun and engaging ways to work better together.

4. Mindfulness and wellbeing workshop

We’re all concerned about getting the work/life balance right. And sometimes, it can be hard to switch off and enjoy the here and now. A recent study shows that mindfulness can boost productivity, attention and confidence while boosting relaxation and contentment.

So why not give your employees a break with a self-care workshop? Try crafts or aromatherapy. Bring in a yoga instructor or run a guided meditation session. And include tips and training on achieving the work-life balance. Book the Aviary (one of our meeting rooms in Birmingham), and meet in a light, airy space that encourages wellbeing.  

5. Networking workshop

Sending a LinkedIn request is no substitute for networking face-to-face. Instead, learning the art of real-life connections will leave your teams better prepared to engage and share ideas. 

Why not bring in an expert or organise your event as a teaching social around an issue like prepping elevator pitches or improving collaborative working? Don’t forget to include plenty of icebreakers and create opportunities to chat informally over a coffee and cake.

6. Career development workshops

A significant issue for any business is nurturing and retaining your talent. Offering a workshop on personal growth is a great way to understand how your employees want their careers to grow. In addition, you’ll build better staff engagement by helping your employees to attain their goals.

Survey your team about goals and aspirations, then book the Great Room for your workshop. It’s the perfect space to encourage serious discussions about professional development and how your staff can achieve it in your business.

Workshopping is better with Nettl

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