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What you should look for in a perfect meeting venue

Finding the perfect meeting room and hiring it can be tricky as there are many small details you need to remember. Here are three features that are occasionally forgotten, that shouldn't be.   Make sure that the room is the size you need. If the...

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Cheap meeting room hire in Birmingham centre

Many small businesses in and around Birmingham operate from economical business premises. They are not designed to impress, but needs must when aiming to keep your operating costs to a minimum. Utilising basic space is fine from an in-house work point of view. All you...

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There’s more to a meeting room than you think

On the surface, a meeting room is simply that - a room in which people can meet. However, it is much more than that. Here are a few reasons why there's more to meeting room hire in Birmingham than meets the eye. nbsp; An external space prompts focus In a bog-standard...

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Why face to face meetings are important

These days it's so easy to communicate using the internet that many people might think face to face meetings have become obsolete. However, in business, they're still just as important as they were in the past, leading many businesses to seek out the best meeting...

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5 ideas for an extraordinary meeting

Off-site meeting rooms have been proven in various studies to be more productive than hosting meetings in a regular office space. Below we explore why taking your meetings off-site can actually be beneficial to your business. nbsp; Creative and inspiring spaces For...

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Hosting video conference meetings: top tips

Hosting a productive video conference can be tricky and in many ways more difficult than meeting with all your partners and colleagues in person. However, with these simple tips, your video calls can be more productive than ever. nbsp; Check your connection Before...

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Key Benefits of Booking A Meeting Room

Whether you are an entrepreneur without a permanent office space of your own, or a corporate company without sufficient space to host a big meeting, booking a meeting room for your events will work wonders for you. Check out these remarkable advantages that you obtain...

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How To Plan Your Next Meeting

Business meetings need proper planning and preparation to assure that the objectives are met for everyone involved. Investing time in planning and making sure that all details are in place will allow the meeting to succeed. Here are some essential tips to consider...

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3 Ways Coffee Meetings Can Help Your Career

What is a coffee meeting? Coffee meetings are becoming the new norm when it comes to networking with new and existing clients for occasionally or regularly keeping up to date with everything. It is an informal and friendly way to conduct a typical meeting, which...

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