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We don’t profess to know everything about business, meetings or indeed business meetings. But featured below are some of our thoughts and musings to help you through deciding what you need. 

We’ll also sprinkle in some news, facts and events that are currently happening out our meeting space along with the Birmingham area in general.

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Meeting room space that meets social distancing standards

As lockdown restrictions gradually begin to ease around the UK, businesses and freelancers are preparing to adapt to the new normal and begin operating once again. If you are planning to hold or arrange a meeting, it is essential you comply with social distancing...

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How furniture arrangement can enhance a meeting room

If you are considering hiring a meeting room in Birmingham, you should know that dedicated meeting rooms for hire are a superb option. Yes, the agenda and the delegates are fundamental parts of a meeting, but have you considered the nature of the room itself?...

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Avoid these common mistakes when hiring a meeting room

Hiring a meeting room is beneficial if you need to get together with clients to discuss matters of importance. Creating a good impression is key, and this is where your choice of meeting room can really make a difference. Don't let yourself down by making these common...

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3 things to look for in a meeting room to boost productivity

In 2020, it’s more important than ever before to find a productive workspace that everyone can benefit from. Let's take a look at three features you should look for when booking meeting venues. 1. Good lighting Good lighting is an important part of any meeting room....

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3 top tips for remote workers

More and more businesses and freelancers are discovering the benefits of remote working. From reduced overhead costs to greater time flexibility, there are multiple benefits to ditching a permanent office space and working remotely. Below we offer 3 top tips to ensure...

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The importance of meetings and meeting space for freelancers

You have made that all-important, career-changing decision and decided to go it alone. You are joining the 100s of disgruntled employees in Birmingham who decide to work freelance. Not for you are the stressful early morning train commutes, wedged against your fellow...

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What you should look for in a perfect meeting venue

Finding the perfect meeting room and hiring it can be tricky as there are many small details you need to remember. Here are three features that are occasionally forgotten, that shouldn't be. Make sure that the room is the size you need. If the meeting is...

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Cheap meeting room hire in Birmingham centre

Many small businesses in and around Birmingham operate from economical business premises. They are not designed to impress, but needs must when aiming to keep your operating costs to a minimum. Utilising basic space is fine from an in-house work point of view. All you...

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