Simply put, an annual general meeting (AGM) is a gathering of a company’s investors and directors held each year. During this time, the company’s performance and future plans are discussed.

An AGM should be seen as a great opportunity to move your business forward. This should always be an approach that works for everyone and yields the best outcomes possible.

2020 has been tough for almost every business. After the year we have had, holding an annual general meeting is more important than ever!

Where Should It Be?

Although an AGM could be held remotely online being able to speak to investors and directors face to face really makes all the difference.

Whether you are looking to hold your first or 31st AGM, finding the right location post lockdown is essential. Holding your meeting in a central and accessible location is really important if you want to ensure maximum turn out.

Finding meeting rooms in Birmingham city centre couldn’t be easier. Nettl Business Store has a beautifully modern, Covid safe meeting space in Birmingham, available for hire right in the heart of the city.


You also want to make sure that everyone attending will be comfortable and have all the facilities they need for a great meeting.

Birmingham event venues do not come better than those at Nettl Business Store! We offer multiple rooms for different needs. All of them come with Wi-Fi, TV screens and the option of hot drinks and catering, which all make for a much more productive meeting.

Booking your meeting

It could not be easier to book a space for your next AGM at one of Nettl Business Store’s meeting venues in Birmingham via our website or if you have any queries why not drop us an email or give us a call, our friendly team is here to help.