As the year rolls on we find ourselves in ever uncertain times, with the world of work virtually unrecognisable compared to the same time last year. Although we must adapt our businesses for remote working in order to remain successful, we must not forget the true value of meeting in person when we can.

At NETTL Birmingham, we provide meeting rooms, big and small, for hire across Birmingham, including ample space in the city centre which adheres to social distancing standards for you. Here, we highlight why we at Nettl know you will benefit from our rooms for hire:

Building relationships

Over the last few months, most businesses have had to settle with purely online conference calls, previously the mainstay of long-distance working relationships. Online calls fill a gap, but colleague and client meetings aren’t just about ticking boxes, they’re about building relationships and often about demonstrating a skill or product.

Body language is said to be the most important element of communication, and this can be difficult, or even impossible, to read during online meetings. For these reasons, many businesses are looking for a middle ground between an office and home, where employees and clients can meet safely in a professional environment.

It leads to conversations that often have a better flow and so allows the depth to evolve into extended discussions all without the interruption of a poor connection.


Depending on the focus of your meeting you may wish to develop an idea, demonstrate products or even look at the fine detail of an article or illustration. These tasks are made more difficult than necessary when using online forums, so take some stress out of your business with one of our meeting rooms for hire. Or use one of our many Birmingham event venues, perfectly equipped with screens to demonstrate your proposals or designs to more.

Team Morale

Studies show that working remotely can have a detrimental effect on the stress levels of a workforce, so building in occasional face-to-face time can be hugely beneficial as a boost.

Having the opportunity to utilise meeting venues in Birmingham keeps the cost of office space down and also takes the hassle of cleaning and preparing off your ‘to do’ list.

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